Sunday, January 3, 2010

RAD 3/365

This was a lot of work for a very, very short time with the ring.

For today's ring I made a mold of a ring I'd made from 14kt gold. I filled the mold with water and froze it. Freezing destroyed the mold, so I only got one chance to take the photo before both the ring and the mold were lost.

I tried to get a shot of the ring on my finger, but it melted too quickly. Overall I'm pleased with this and I think I will try it again, but next time I'm going to make the ring out of ice rather than a simple ice version of an existing design.


  1. you are like the Andy Goldsworthy of jewellery!

  2. that's completely brilliant, on so many levels.
    (next, jelly? um, jello, I think I might mean.)

  3. Just wanted to fill in that little gap in coverage.
    Back into work-is-kicking-my-ass oblivion.
    Thanks again for a post worth comment.

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