Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ring A Day 2010

My friend and fellow metalsmith Nina suggested the Ring a Day challenge to EtsyMetal, a group of metalsmiths who sell on Etsy.

Initially I wasn't going to do it as I have a fairly demanding day job and working out of a tiny home studio means I am very limited in what I can do.

Looking at the first set of rings, and seeing Kathryn Riechert's interpretation of the challenge expanded my vision of what a ring could be and made me realize that imagination is the most important tool, so I joined in.

Kathryn's "Ruby" Ring

Here is my first ring

Stem from a bunch of grapes, 14k gold-filled wire, faceted White Topaz briolette.


  1. p s where do the lovely topaz brio's come from?

  2. It's beautiful! You should recreate it in more permanent materials. I think it's a wonderful prototype.

  3. Thanks :) I got it from the MJSA show. The strand was really expensive, but totally worth it.