Friday, June 26, 2009

Brooklyn Tornado

Tonight when I got out the subway I noticed that not only was it very windy and a bit dark, but all the families who are usually in the playground next to my apartment building were leaving the block.

After a strong gust of wind that made a little boy cry, a neighbour told me that our part of the 'hood was under a "30 minute tornado watch".

It wasn't that hard to believe as both of us were having trouble walking down the street and we both remembered the
'07 Brooklyn Tornado. But still, tornado watches in Brooklyn?

Fortunately (not least of which being that my apartment building shakes when the downstairs neighbor's kid runs down the hallway), we just got some rain, wind and awesome cloud formations.

After the storm passed the sky gave off an impressively unnatural bridesmaid's pallet of lilac and pink that I wasn't quite able to capture.

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  1. OMG. That sounds scary. I'm from Cali. Earthquakes don't have scary warning signs. :)