Friday, June 19, 2009

Kyoto - Smith Street, Brooklyn

Whenever I fall off the Vegan wagon (which I do more often than anyone who calls themselves a Vegan should), I go to Kyoto.

Everyone who works there is enthusiastic about the dishes and proud of the restaurant, and rightly so; the sushi is some of the freshest I've ever eaten and definitely the best on Smith Street.

The Sake menu is limited. While they have a decent selection of mid- to low-priced Sake, you won't try anything new.

The food however more than makes up for this. The menu is full of seasonal specials, the current highlights being live scallops and baby yellow tail.

Though the storefront is nondescript, don't walk past it as the food is anything but and they have one of those hidden urban gardens out back.


  1. i cant eat sushi, it just doesnt work out. although i do like your jewelry i always pretend someone really wants to marry me so i pick out rings, dresses, blah blah. ill do the same with your shop.

  2. Oh my...sushi is my #1 favorite. Mmmmm.....

  3. Hello! I am following your blog. Your artist creations are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen!