Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sony Cybershot DCS T-90

I have a Canon Rebel d-SLR which I love, but sometimes I just don't want to lug a big camera and lenses around, not to mention the worry that I'll leave it all in the back of a cab or some random bar, so I decided to get a little Point and Shoot that I could carry around.

My main criteria were "small" and "shoots well in low light". After doing some research I found out that poor low light performance seems to be the price we pay for small cameras.

I tried out a few at J & R and decided on the Sony Cybershot DSC T-90.

It's super slim and has a nice weight to it. It fits perfectly into the back pocket of my jeans which is a bonus as I rarely carry a purse and I almost always wear jeans.

One of my favorite features is the touch screen. I was a bit skeptical at first as I'd read mixed reviews, but it makes operating the camera really quick and easy. The icons are also intuitive and I was able to use it without opening up the manual.

Like all P&Ss the T-90 has a ton of preset modes, but what I really like about this camera is that it allows you to easily set manual options for settings like white balance and ISO, something my previous Point and Shoot didn't allow.

I haven't tried it for product shots but will take a few next time I set up my light tent just for comparison.

Overall I am pleased with this camera and feel it does what I bought it for.

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  1. What a great photos you take. I have old sony and she is compact and easy to use. After reading this, I'd have a new one... umm. have to think about it. :)